Consultation Packages

Achieve your goals with Senseat consultation packages! Want to build a healthier relationship with food? 

We’ve got you covered.

Free Discovery call

Do you want to see if we are well suited to each other and for you to ask any questions about how I work? 

Check my calendar and schedule your free discovery call (30mins).

I would be delighted to support you with your goals.

Initial consultation

This service duration is 1 -1 ½ hours and comprises 3 steps.
The 1st step is to analyze the answers you have been asked in the questionnaire
(15min to complete it), relevant information such as:

  • Personal Information (name, contact details, DOB)
  • Anthropometrics (Current weight, Height, Weight history)
  • Medical History (Medical conditions you might have, medication, Recent blood test if applicable)
  • Lifestyle (Type of work, meal preparation, time availability)
  • Diet History (Food diary, food allergies, likes and dislikes, etc)
  • Goals (Expectations, how important is this process for you, etc)

This process will help us to know you and understand your needs better.

The 2nd step is to discuss ways how to achieve your goals by suggesting small and sustainable changes to your day-to-day diet in the safest and most scientific-based way.

The 3rd step is to draft a 14-days bespoke meal plan with the changes we have agreed upon.

What you need to have for the measurements:

  • A household weight scale
  • A measuring tape

Once we have reached the end of our consultation, we will book your next appointment which will be at least 2 weeks later. This will allow you time to implement the changes we have agreed upon without stress. You will receive an email with your bespoke diet plan and healthy recipes associated with your plan.

We believe that guidance and support are vital during this process, so your Nutritionist will encourage you to keep in touch between your consultations by offering unlimited support via WhatsApp, phone calls, or emails.

Follow-up consultations

It is the best way to keep you on track!!

We offer a 45 min follow-up consultation to review your progress, learn your feedback and introduce any changes that will help you achieve your nutritional goals.

You are on a nutrition plan does not mean you should eat every day similar food. Enrich your nutrition with new concepts.

We recommend the follow-up consultation to be no later than 2- 3 weeks from the initial consultation.

Premium package

Goal achievement needs motivation and patience. 

We offer a 3-month subscription which consists of the initial consultation plus 5 Follow-up appointments.